How we plant herb cuttings on the Nursery

How we plant herb cuttings on the Nursery

On Todays 5minute Friday, I am going to show you, how to we plant herb cuttings here on the Nursery.

The first video of the year. We are planting Tarragon cuttings at the moment.  It won’t be dissimilar to what you do at home, except we are not taking the cuttings from the plant. They arrive to us as unrooted cuttings, then we plant them, take them to our propagation greenhouse, where they start rooting. We find it a better way of doing it, as the amount of heat needed to grow these through the winter is a lot, when we have to get these ready to send out by the spring and Tarragon growing now in the UK would not look like this.

We have our cell trays ready for the cuttings, so using a dibber we pop a small hole in the compost, put the cutting in, and gently tuck it in. They really don’t need compacting, it requires a gentle touch, so as not to bruise the root.  This tray will hold 104 cuttings and we have some that we did earlier, they are Marjoram compact.

We give these all a good watering, then they go into the propagation greenhouse to keep warm, and root well.

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