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About Plants-UK & Newlands Nursery

For over 70 years Newlands Nursery has grown top quality plants. Along its journey it's also picked up numerous compliments and awards. For years specialising in Herb & Chilli plants the range has grown from year to year. Now offering a large range of perennials, basket plants and much more in addition to our ever popular herb and chilli ranges. We celebrated our Platinum anniversary in 2022, 70 years of growing. 

"We send plants all over the country and nothing makes me prouder to still be growing on the same nursery that my Nana and Grandad first grew their plants on. Still at the heart of our business is good, friendly customer service and a passion to grow fantastic quality plants."

Alan Lodge, Partner

History of the Nursery

In 1952 Doug and Win Lodge started their wholesale business. Newlands Nursery was originally started to supply their green grocers business in Chelmsford but it soon became evident that Doug & Win had a talent for growing and what's more, they had customers. Set on what was once one of the busiest trunk roads in the country, the growing activity didn't go unnoticed by local business owners. It didn't take too many people coming through the gate and asking if they were able to buy the plants to re-sell in their shops for Doug to realise the opportunity.

Newlands Nursery

The rest as you could say is history. Since then the nursery has gone from strength to strength. From growing bedding plants in trays that Doug hammered together (a forerunner of box bedding) to sending top quality plants all over the country and displaying at numerous RHS shows, we've come a long way since the early days. But still at its heart is the same attention to quality of plants and friendly service which makes the whole family proud.

RHS Success

In the early 2000s Newlands Nursery was asked to exhibit at a local flower show in Bromley. The stand went down a storm which gave us an idea. A few months later we'd applied to exhibit at RHS shows including Hampton Court, Tatton Park and Gardeners World. Ever since Newlands Nursery has been exhibiting at many of these shows and we've won numerous medals including Silver Gilts and Golds.

"Our passion for growing and commitment to quality has helped us thrive in what has sometimes been a difficult financial or growing condition. I know my mother and father would be very proud of how the nursery is and continues to grow."

Ray Lodge, Partner