EP197 - How to sow Tomato seeds

EP197 - How to sow Tomato seeds

On Todays 5minute Friday, I am going to show you, how we sow Tomato seeds.

You may think it is a little early, with some areas still having frosts, but starting the crop early just means that we will get an earlier fruit, which is what we all want.

If you have a nice warm area of the house, or warm windowsill, this will be perfect. So, I have a cell tray with a drip tray underneath, so we fill the cells with compost, get a nice even surface, then tap down to remove any air pockets.

I am going to use one seed per cell, so just place each seed on top of the compost, we want to give it enough space, so that it can establish a good root ball, before we pot it up. Take some more compost that has no lumps etc and just gently dust (broadcast) it over the top finely. So, pop the greenhouse lid on which will keep it at the right humidity, and it helps with the temperature too. A good watering before we put the lid on, and away it goes to start germinating.

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