EP196 - How we plant fuchsia cuttings on the nursery

EP196 - How we plant fuchsia cuttings on the nursery


On Todays 5minute Friday, I am going to show you, how we plant fuchsia cuttings on the nursery.

Welcome to our propagation greenhouse, today we have our first fuchsia cuttings, for spring 2024. Here are hardy fuchsias, bush, upright and trailing varieties.

So, today I will show you how we plant the cuttings, which is the same way, you would be doing it at home, just the scale is clearly a little different. As you can see the hundreds of trays behind me of cuttings we have done already. These benches will be full up of cuttings and as they root, we will rotate them. So from hereon out, with the exception of Xmas week, until the spring, we will be doing hundreds of thousands of cuttings through this green house and others.

In this greenhouse it is nice and warm, and the benches are heated to around 18 degrees. So we have the cuttings in the bag and our cell trays. So, I take a dibber and make a hole, then we take the cutting and pop it in the compost and then lightly tuck it in. The reason we make the hole, is we don’t want to bruise the bottom of the cutting.  

Each tray is labelled and barcoded, this way we can keep track of its growth, and its entire journey, until it leaves the nursery.

May we take this opportunity to wish everyone, a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

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