EP195 - How we sow seeds on the nursery

EP195 - How we sow seeds on the nursery

On Todays 5minute Friday, I am going to show you, how we sow seeds on the nursery.

We are doing something a little different today, and it is a little noisy, apologies.

We are doing exactly what you would do at home, sowing seeds, but on a slightly different scale.

This machine fills the trays with compost, it goes up through the machine and out into the trays, it vibrates slightly to reduce air gaps, and brushes the compost to leave a nice even layer. Then it goes across into the sower, which is a very clever machine, that works mainly from air. We are sowing parsley here, so we need multiple seeds per cell, the equipment picks up the seeds and pops them down onto the compost.

So the process is the same as at home, just bigger and faster. We then cover the compost, and here we are using vermiculite, just a thin dusting across the seeds, which helps lock in the moisture and makes the plants easier to germinate.

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