EP194 - How to sow Lettuce for the winter

EP194 - How to sow Lettuce for the winter

On Todays 5minute Friday, I am going to show you, how to sow lettuce for winter.

This time of year, it is nice to do some things indoors and sowing lettuce is perfect, as it can just be popped on a windowsill. This way, you will still get a crop of fresh greens through the winter months.

I am using a cell tray which you fill with compost, tap it down to ensure there are no air gaps. These lettuce seeds a quite small, so add a sprinkle to each cell. If you still have some left, put them in a dry space, then once these are cropped, you can just repeat the process.

Now all we have to do is cover it with a sprinkle of compost, we don’t want any big lumps or bark on top of the seeds, so I am going to use a horticultural sieve.

We will give it a good watering, then to help the germination process, we will cover it with a greenhouse lid. Alternatively, if you are growing it in a pot, pop a plastic bag over it, will work just as well.

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