EP193 - How to Sow chilli plants - early sowing for bigger crops

EP193 - How to Sow chilli plants - early sowing for bigger crops

On Todays 5minute Friday, I am going to show you, how to sow your chilli seeds.

You may think that the beginning of December is too early, but I can assure you for nearly all chillies, this is the time, if you have the ability to look after them. In this I mean heat, ideally the lowest we would want them is 12 to 15 degrees, once they are germinated. If you can do this, then it is a great time, the earlier we do this, the earlier you get a crop, and the longer the crop lasts as well. As you keep picking through the season, the chilli will just keep on producing.

I have this cell tray here; the process is simple. I am going to use one seed per cell, but if you have plenty of seeds, then feel free to use 2 or 3. Top up with some good quality multipurpose compost, this has some bark in it, which will help it drain.

I am looking to germinate these at around 25 to 30 degrees, so once seeds are in, just lightly cover with compost. Here are a couple of techniques, we can dust a layer over the top, or you can very gently push the seed in a tiny bit, then cover with surrounding compost.

Cover with glasshouse lid, what this does is keeps the moisture high, but also slightly helps raise the temperature. We are going to put these in our propagation greenhouse, if you are doing this at home, then a good germination mat is perfect, or an airing cupboard works really well too. If you just have a part of the house that has a warm spot, then put them there.

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