EP192 - How to dead head dianthus plants

EP192 - How to dead head dianthus plants

On Todays 5minute Friday, I am going to show you, how to dead head your Dianthus to prepare them for winter.

The reason we do this now, is so that we ensure the plant concentrates all its energy and efforts on going through the winter. They are all perennials, but as with most all plants, they put a lot of energy into flowering, so if we take those off, it allows the plant to concentrate its effort into the foliage, producing better plants next spring.

We are looking at a batch of our Dianthus Scent First range, they are in pots, but this is the same if you have them in the garden or patio. It is preferable to use scissors for this, as the stem of Dianthus is quite tough. So go around your plant, cutting the stem low down on all the stems flowering.

Hold on to the flowers that aren’t dead, as they last surprisingly long, in a vase of water, and are still fragrant, so pop some natural, garden-fresh air into your home.

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