EP191 - How to cut back Erysimum plants for the winter

EP191 - How to cut back Erysimum plants for the winter

On Todays 5minute Friday, I am going to show you, how to prepare your Erysimum for Winter.

I hope you have avoided some of the torrential rain we have had here.

Today we are going to cut back some Erysimum, which you may know as wallflowers, these are perennial wallflowers. They don’t necessarily need, to be cut back for their health, but it will make them more compact and hopefully bring you a nicer plant in the spring.

We are going to cut back two different Erysimum today, and as you can see, they have quite different leaves, so we approach them slightly in different ways.

The first one is Fragrant Sunshine, which is a beautiful yellow plant, with as I’m sure you can guess, a lovely fragrance to the flowers. Take the plant and literally cut the top part off, you can just snap it, but a sharp pair of secateurs is easier. This will help bush out the plant, giving you a much better shape next year.

The second one we have is Bowles Me Away, this one has a much narrower leaf to it, and it is sprouting from all over the stem. This one will look a bit more severe, as I will hold all the leaves and just cut it quite low down.

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