EP190 how to prep your Scented Geraniums for the winter

EP190 how to prep your Scented Geraniums for the winter

On Todays 5minute Friday, I am going to show you, how to prepare your Scented Geraniums for Winter.

Here are some we have cut back; you may think relatively hard, but this really helps them go through the winter. We are aiming to do two things, help them through the winter, so they are more likely to survive and for them to have a better shape, when they come through the winter, and the weather warms up, and ultimately you have a nicer plant.

We are in our unheated propagation green house, the scented geraniums can cope with cold ish weather, but we want to protect them from frosts.

I have a Royal Oak variety, that I am going to prep for winter. Take a look at your plant, this one, we need to reduce in size, also we take off any dead leaves, especially at the base. Now we are going to cut it back, where leaves come from the stem, we call this a break, and we are looking to leave 3 to 4 breaks on the plant. If you are unsure at all, we always recommend go higher, rather than lower.

We are left with, what looks like quite a small plant, which it is, this makes it a lot easier to care for over the winter. A good point to remember with lots of your plants, is if you look at the batch behind me, they were watered recently, but we won’t be watering them again for another week, maybe even 2. These plants are going to get little sun, and they are now actively not growing, so we don’t need to over water them, or they will get soggy and damp, and then the plant can’t breathe and cope with the colder months. With scented geraniums, we are looking to keep them on the drier side.

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