EP199 - How we plant and grow Geranium cuttings on the nursery

EP199 - How we plant and grow Geranium cuttings on the nursery

On Todays 5minute Friday, I am going to show you, how we plant our Geraniums, or Pelargonium cuttings.

These are zonal, upright geraniums and I will show you how we plant the cuttings. Before I start, I would like to discuss, the amount of moisture we have in the air.  As you can see to my right, we have these cuttings covered in plastic covering, from a commercial point of view this is perfect for keeping the moisture high, the equivalent to you covering your cuttings in a plastic bag at home. These are Tarragon covered here.

The difference when it comes to Geraniums, is we don’t want a lot of moisture in the air. They are plants that really can rot off, you may see a furriness around the stems, which can damage the plant, if not kill it off. These are at a delicate stage, so from a temperature point of view, the standard home temp of around 15-18 degrees is perfect.

We are planting them in seeded, cutting compost paper pots, we plant them in and we don’t remove the paper they degrade naturally. So, we take the cutting and make a hole in the compost, pop it in and gently tuck it in, this is not compacted or compressed just gently covered, we don’t want to bruise the stem.

As you can see, here are some we have done earlier, they will fill this bench, which is heated, and the greenhouse is too. When the sun goes down, we also add light, which helps promote growth, but isn’t something you need to do at home. The tip mainly, with Geraniums, is not to cover them.

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