How to pot up Courgette plants

How to pot up Courgette plants

3rd March 2023.

Hi everyone, Alan from Newlands Nursery.

This is the time of year to transfer your courgettes into pots. This is a follow on video from when we sowed the seeds which was EP150, a few weeks ago, you should have some nice growth on them by now. 

Guide to Potting.

1. Squeeze the bottom of the cell tray. Gently push from the bottom and release from the tray.

2. Have your pots ready, filled with compost. Make a hole deep enough for the plant, gently moving the soil, so as not to compact it.

3. Place plant in the hole, and cover loosely.  The pots I have used are 15-20 litres. Courgettes produce quite a lot of vegetables, so the more compost the better, giving them room to grow, and they will need less watering than smaller pots. Give them a good water. 

Fun Tips - Bigger is not always better. Young courgette can be more tender.



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