How to grow Rosemary from cuttings

How to grow Rosemary from cuttings

How to grow Rosemary from cuttings.

24th February, 2023.

Hi everyone, Alan from Newlands Nursery.

This is a great time of year to take Rosemary cuttings. Have a look at your plants, and whilst you may see some flowering, it is the stems that aren't flowering, we want today. 


Guide to take cuttings.

1.  Locate with help of my video the soft, pliable part of the stem, nearer to the top. Snip ends as shown. I have 6 in total. 

2.  Fill pots with compost, tap down and remove twigs etc. 

3. Plant 3 cuttings per pot, Rosemary can be a little tricky, so this way the odds are better for you to get at least 1 lovely free plants from the pot. I have added rooting powder to my other pot, which is optional and will mark them accordingly.

4. Give them a good watering, and pop them on a light windowsill for now.

Fun tip - Pop a few sprigs in a jar of clear honey, let it infuse for 2 weeks, this really is a taste bud tingler, the honey is delicious.

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