How to sow tomato seeds

How to sow tomato seeds

 Hi everyone, Alan from Newlands Nursery.

The middle of February is when we like to sow tomatoes. With any fruit implant, especially an annual fruit implant, it's often best to get a bit of a head-start. And tomatoes normally surprise people. When they're growing, they grow so fast, unbelievably fast. However, they take longer than most people think to germinate. Please watch the video attached for a step by step on how to sow your seeds!

Tomatoes are in numerous recipes and they also make for a nice gift to neighbours, family and friends.

Fun Fact – Tomato seedlings have been grown in space!

Sowing your tomato seeds.

  1. Fill small cell tray with compost, removing any twigs etc. Tap down and top up any gaps.
  2. Pop one seed in per cell, (if you have few left you can just add them in).
  3. Take a handful of compost and gently sprinkle a fine layer across the seeds.
  4. Cover or put in greenhouse and await those juicy tomatoes.

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