How to plant a Geranium Container

How to plant a Geranium Container


Hi everyone, Alan from Newlands Nursery.

At this time of year we want to start planting our wonderful geranium containers. For this demonstration, I am using our new range of TwoinOne Geraniums, that are a combination of both, trailing and upright, that are perfectly suited to containers. 

Doing this now will give you plenty of leaf growth, leading to more flowers, this is why we do this early.  We will only plant 3 in this size container, giving them plenty of room to flourish.

Planting up a Geranium Container.

  1. Fill the container with compost and tap it gently.
  2. Space your 3 plants out evenly.
  3. Make a hole roughly the same size and height of the plug plant.
  4. The top of the root ball should be level with the surface of the pot. (Details in video)
  5. Pop the plug in the hole and loosely cover with soil.
  6. Any flowers, just snap them off gently, this will encourage leaf growth, leading to more flowers. (Go on be brave, it works)
  7. Water and keep indoors, for now, or out of any late frosts.

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