How to plant Petunia Tumbelina hanging basket

How to plant Petunia Tumbelina hanging basket

Hi everyone, Alan from Newlands Nursery.

Now is the perfect time to plant Petunia Tumbelina's in your hanging baskets.

Tumbelina are bred in the UK, and they are double flowering trailing Petunias. They really are special in every way. You could see the first flowers in May, and they will just keep on flowering all through the summer. 

I have 3 different varieties, they are really beautiful, Belinda, Inga and Diana.


Planting your basket or container.

1. Fill basket with soil, just shy of the top. For this size basket I will plant up 6 Petunias. 

2. If you haven't room for the baskets yet, pot them up in a smaller pot, to let them establish. (9-10cm).

3. Space out your varieties/colours evenly, around the middle to the edge as I have in the video. 

4. Make a whole just big enough for the plug, and just tuck them in gently. I didn't press it down, as we don't want to compact the compost. 

5. Water, and keep in conservatory or indoors if you have space.



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