EP157 - How to plant a Fruity Herb Container

EP157 - How to plant a Fruity Herb Container

Hi everyone, Alan from Newlands Nursery.

Now is the perfect time to plant a fruity herb container.

I am using 3 different fruity herbs, Pineapple Sage, which reminds me very much of pineapple cubes, we used to get at the sweetshop. Strawberry mint is very unique, a minty herb with a strawberry scent, lovely in summer drinks. Our new nursery favourite is Orange Balm, these scented leaves smell really zesty, as if you have just grated an orange. Fantastic sensory herbs for your containers. 

Handy Tip : Place in different rooms, for a natural air freshener.

Planting your container.

1. Fill container with multipurpose compost, just shy of the top. 

2. I am going to plant these 3 herbs together in a triangle shape.

3. Make a whole just big enough for the plug, and just tuck them in gently. I didn't press it down, as we don't want to compact the compost. 

5. Water, and keep in conservatory or a sheltered spot until the end of march, weather dependent. 


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