EP158 - How to make new plants from root cuttings

EP158 - How to make new plants from root cuttings


Hi everyone, Alan from Newlands Nursery.

You have seen me take cuttings many times, today we are showing you a completely different method. Root cuttings are ideal for plants such as Mint, Lemon Balm, Achillea and many more. You will get many new plants this way.

I am demonstrating with a wonderful Basil Mint.

Step by step Guide.

1. Roll the pot on it's side to loosen the plant. Search around the sides for some visible root growth, then holding firmly, gently pull it away as I do in video.

2. Pop it on the table and loosen the soil, so you can separate the roots. As shown, cut in 2, and there you have 2 new plants to grow. 

3. Get your 9cm pots and fill with compost (not to the top), and just lay root down horizontally. Top up with compost.  

5. Water well, and keep on windowsill, in conservatory, sheltered spot just until the weather gets milder.

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