EP159 - Five Minute Friday - How to plant petunia plants

EP159 - Five Minute Friday - How to plant petunia plants

Hi everyone, Alan from Newlands Nursery.

Today I am going to plant up a striking container of Petunias. I have Prettytoonia Pink Jet, Black Cherry Stripes and Crazytunia Knight Rider.  (David Hasselhoff not included). Petunias are strong, easy and fast growing.

We have put together the most beautiful collections, for you to choose from this year. There is Petunia Starry Night Collection, Crazytunias, Stunning Stars, Sunset and of course our pre planted Petunia hanging baskets.

Have a great weekend.  


Step by step Guide.

1. Fill your container with compost, just shy of the top. 

2. Arrange your plants and make a hole, bigger than the root ball and drop in      gently. Tuck them in gently.

3. Water really well, then, trust me it works, we are going to nip off the flowers, this will make a huge difference for growing.

4. Pop on windowsill, in conservatory, sheltered spot just until the weather gets milder.

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