EP160 - How to plant and care for Basil plants

EP160 - How to plant and care for Basil plants

Hi everyone, Alan from Newlands Nursery.

This time of year, Basil is still very much a windowsill/conservatory herb. I have some really interesting plants here, with Basil Pesto, one of my favourite looking and tasting lime green basil, with slight variegation. Then I have Red Ball, there are tiny flecks of red at the base, which deepens as it matures. Lastly Basil Ajaka, certainly the best for cooking with and grows bigger than most. 

I will use a container without holes, so that if you keep them inside, you can water them easily without spillage. 

If you keep them inside, they should be ready for first cuttings in around 6 weeks.

Foodie suggestion: Garnish your avocado toast or pizza with basil, delicious.

Handy Tip : Basil is not a hardy plant.


Planting your container.

1. Fill container with multipurpose compost, just shy of the top, tap it down.

2. I am going to plant these 3 herbs together in a triangle shape.

3. Make a whole just big enough for the plug, and just tuck them in gently. I didn't press it down, as we don't want to compact the compost. 

5. Water, and keep on windowsill, table or conservatory. 

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