EP219 - How to plant a Polemonium container

EP219 - How to plant a Polemonium container

 On Todays 5minute Friday, we are going to plant a Polemonium container.

Today we are planting this container, with most plants, they require full to partial sun, these Polemonium, also know as Jacobs Ladder are ideal for any shaded areas. They look good all year around, they are perennial, so they keep coming back.

Polemonium have lovely flowers on them, and the leaves have differing variegation.

I have chosen a long slim container, because I was thinking of possible shadier areas, so perhaps in front of a wall or fence, but you can use any shape you prefer.

Polemonium are an early summer flowering perennial. Upright stems produce clusters of bell shaped blooms, and it's name relates to its ferny foliage either side of the stem, resembling a ladder. An easy to grow, low maintenance plant for front to middle of a border or bed, or perfect for a container. They are loved by pollinators and are very free flowering.

See our Polemonium range here.

  1. Fill your pot, with a multi-purpose compost, not to the top as you can see.
  2. Squeeze the pot to release the plants, and place them on the compost, not pushing them down. I haven’t put them near the edge as these plants grow both ways.
  3. Gently lift the leaves up, and then we back fill them. I know I have said it before, do not compact, we want the roots to grow into the compost and compacting it just does the opposite.
  4. Give it a good water, and as they are hardy you can put it straight outside.

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