EP218 - How to pot up Twoinone Geraniums

EP218 - How to pot up Twoinone Geraniums

 On Todays 5minute Friday, we are going to show you how to pot up TwoinOne Geraniums.

TwoinOne Geraniums strictly speaking are Pelargoniums, but we know them more commonly as Geraniums. TwoinOne are a cross between a trailing (ivy) geranium and an zonal (upright) geranium. The breeders have crossed them and got so many benefits of doing that. We spoke to the breeders, and they say that they are quite aggressive growing plants, that are great for landscaping, grow nice and big and pretty quickly and are really easy to look after, with an abundance of colours to top them off.

You will be met with a distinct and different geranium, a real talking point. Interspecific crosses are achieved when the parent plant is of the same genus and this is a perfect example. 

A garden would not feel like summer without geraniums. A staple plant for the summer months with good reason. They will flower and flower from late spring all the way into the autumn. This plant is ideal to grow in a patio pot or bedding scheme.

I am going to plant 3 in this container, but I also know that 1 would fill it with a little patience.

Browse our TwoinOne Range of Geraniums here.

  1. Fill your pot, with a multi-purpose compost, not to the top as you can see.
  2. Squeeze the pot to release the plants, and place them on the compost, not pushing them down. Then we back fill them. I know I have said it before, do not compact, we want the roots to grow into the compost and compacting it just does the opposite.
  3. Now we work around, taking the stems with the flowers off, the reason we do this, because we want the plant to use it’s strength to produce flowers.
  4. Give it a good water, and if the weather is good wherever you are, you can put it straight outside, just be careful of any frosts.

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