EP220 - How to Deadhead Petunia plants

EP220 - How to Deadhead Petunia plants

 On Todays 5minute Friday, we are going to show you a classic, on how to deadhead this Petunia hanging basket.

The reason we deadhead is, it prolongs the flowering time and you get more flowers. If you can get around your plants around once a week to deadhead, the plant will thank you for it. If you get to the point where lots of flowers have gone off, you will get a break in flowers, which is not what you want, because these will happily flower all the way through the summer.

One of the best all round hanging baskets plants you can get. Petunias are strong, fast growing plants that will fill your baskets or containers with colour all summer. They are easy to grow and care for making them the perfect plant to brighten up your garden.

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  1. Look for dead flowers, then just pinch them off at the stem. Rotate or look around the plant for more and just repeat. It really is that easy, and will transform your baskets, plants, window boxes instantly.

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