EP213 - How to plant a container for foliage

EP213 - How to plant a container for foliage


On Todays 5minute Friday, we are going to show you, how to plant a container for foliage.

Today I have these fantastic foliage plants, I have Nepeta here that will go around the outside and trail down the side of the container. Then we have these vibrant coloured Coleus, which will be the centre point. 

Coleus are renowned for their velvety foliage. The vibrant colours will transport you through bright reds, green, yellow, pinks onto deep bronze. They are fantastic in bedding and borders and perfect for pots and containers, both inside or out. Coleus are a tender perennial. 

Our Coleus plants, have some names you may recognise too. Coleus Long Island Tea, Manhattan, Planters Punch, Margarita and many more. Browse these fabulous foliage plants here.  


  1. Fill your pot, with a multi-purpose compost, pretty much up to the top. Tap it down, to release any air gaps.
  2. We like to plant in odd numbers, and in a triangle, so make the hole for the Coleus first in the centre area. We want the hole to be level to the size of the plug, so it just pops in easily, and just tuck them in.
  3. To plant the Nepeta, we make a hole nearer the edge, creating another triangle to the Coleus, do this in all 3 areas.
  4. We do get asked a lot about the paper wrappers around our plugs, they are perfectly fine to be left on and are biodegradable.
  5. This is now ready to water, and will be perfect for the patio and garden, not yet though, not really before the end of May, depending on the weather were you live, so for now let it grow, indoors on a windowsill or conservatory.

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