EP212 - How to multiply your established Thyme plants

EP212 - How to multiply your established Thyme plants

 On Todays 5minute Friday, we are going to show you how to multiply your established Thyme plants.

Now is the perfect time to take cuttings of Thyme.

I am certain that you are familiar with Thyme, so here are a few little family treats we use thyme with. Salmon, carrots, leeks, mix thyme into butter, roasted squash, any breads, beef with rosemary and thyme (a classic). On the sweeter side we adore Thyme with Figs, custard, shortbread, or if you are adventurous thyme ice cream is delicious.

We do a fantastic starter plant Thyme Collection of 12 different varieties of Thyme, all individually labelled. Please browse here

  1. Fill cell tray with compost, we use a good quality one here on the nursery. Give it a gentle tap to release air pockets and then top up if necessary.
  2. I have common thyme and creeping red, the leaves are somewhat fiddly but taking the cutting is easy. Look around the foliage and take a cutting just below the leaf break. Same with both plants.
  3. Make a hole, and pop the cutting in, gently tucking it in. We want the compost to make contact with the cutting, but we are not pushing it down.
  4. Give it a good water and put it somewhere warm, like a windowsill and there you have new free plants.

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