EP211 - How to pot up chilli plants

EP211 - How to pot up chilli plants

 On Todays 5minute Friday, we are going to show you how to pot up Chilli Plants.

It’s lovely that the sun has come out, especially as we are going to pot up our chilli plants. This is the perfect time of year for this. I have this plant here, that we sowed just before Christmas, and it has been over wintered and doing really well.

How we know it is ready to pot up, is we look at it’s root structure. So squeeze the pot whilst gently holding the plant, and have a look at the root. This one has lovely white fresh roots and is ready to pot up. Chillies love to keep on growing, so putting it in a bigger pot helps it continue, with more space, new compost, feed and watering.

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  1. Fill your pot, with a multi-purpose compost, not to the top, we want the Chilli sitting at the same level it was before, ideally.
  2. Put the Chilli plant in and then just add the compost around it, tucking it in gently. This compost has got some slow-release feed in it. It also has bark in it, which really helps with drainage.
  3. Tap it down to release any air gaps. Then just add a little more compost, if necessary, you will notice I have not pushed it down or compacted it, we want the root to release into the new compost.

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