EP187 How to plant Leucanthemum

EP187 How to plant Leucanthemum

On Todays 5minute Friday, I am going to show you how to plant Leucanthemum.

We are going to plant up some lovely, hardy Leucanthemum plants.  These will take everything the British weather can throw at them, and because it’s been so mild lately, they are even still flowering.

I am going to use this large pot, mainly because the plants are quite big, but also you can see how to plant it up in the garden too.

We have 3 lovely varieties to use today, we have Ooh La La Grande, which is the one still flowering, big full looking white petals, centred with golden yellow.

 La Spider has large double, frilly white petals surrounding a golden centre.

Banana Cream has full buttery yellow/lemon petals, centred with a deep yellow.  


These are plants that bring a smile to your face, without fail. There is something cheery about a ‘daisy’ like flower. These are easy to grow hardy perennial plants, that flower for a long period of time, as you can see.

Over the last decade or so, the breeding of Leucanthemum has brought us some very special flowering, with interesting colours, more compact habits and double flowers.

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How to plant your Leucanthemum.

  1. I am using a multipurpose compost, fill container just shy of the top, you can see how you would do it in the ground this way too.   
  2. Release the plant, by supporting the foliage and squeeze the pot.
  3. I am using 3 plants for this size container, so just make a hole the size of the pot, and pop the plant in, then just tuck it in gently, being careful to not compact it. 
  4. Don’t throw your pot away, as you can reuse it for seeds and cuttings.
  5. Then give them a really good watering, however if you are putting them straight outside, you may not need to, as even here now, the heavens have opened. These are hardy so ideally; they should go straight outside.

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