EP186 - How to plant Aubrieta plants

EP186 - How to plant Aubrieta plants

On Todays 5minute Friday, I am going to show you how to plant up Aubrieta’s.

We are doing something very Autumnal today, even though the weather, has been unusually warm for October, which has been a good thing, as we get to enjoy more time in our gardens.

Generally, when we plant up this time of year, it is to see the fruits of our labour, next year. For the Aubrieta that we are planting today, we will see it in the spring.

We have 3 lovely varieties to use today, we have the Doctor Mules variegated, then 2 Katie varieties, Katie Red Shades, and Katie Blue. All deep, vibrant colours.


The Aubrieta is a cheerful, trailing perennial, perfect for spring containers, borders, courtyards and cottage gardens. The genus is named after a French flower painter, Claude Aubriet.

These are very reliable, mainstay plants, that will provide a carpet of colour. It will give you sweeping clusters of flowers, that will cascade over edges, or pop from walls, paths, or rocks. They are hardy throughout the UK.

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How to plant your Aubrieta

  1. I am using a multipurpose compost, fill to leave about 9cm from top. I am using that as a guide, as our plants are in a 9cm pots.  
  2. Release the plant, by supporting the foliage and squeeze the pot.
  3. Place your plants in the container, I am using 3 as you can see. Then fill in around the plants, gently tucking them in, not compacting them.
  4. Leave the compost, just shy of the top, which helps a lot during watering.

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