EP188 - How to plant some of our favourite Autumn perennials in a container

EP188 - How to plant some of our favourite Autumn perennials in a container


On Todays 5minute Friday, I am going to show you how to plant a mixed container.

We are going to plant up 2 varieties of ‘ready to flower in the spring’ hardy perennial plants. Firstly, an Erysimum, more commonly known as Wallflower, a hardy perennial, that will come back every year. Then we have 2 Aubreita, they are both Katie Red, so you will have a lovely display of reds and yellows.

Aubrieta – A real mainstay of UK Gardens.

Katie Red Shades has small wide mat forming, single vibrant shades of deep, wine, red flowers, with soft bright green foliage. Aubrieta is a trailing perennial perfect for a spring container, borders, courtyards, and gardens.

Erysimum – Brings burst of colour. 

Commonly known as the Wallflower,  they will bloom over a long period. It’s attractive to butterflies and has an upright compact habit. Rich bright, yellow blooms will bring pops of stunning colour to your containers.

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 How to plant your mixed container.

  1. I am using a multipurpose compost, fill around 9cm from the top, as this is the current size of the plants.
  2. Release the plant, by supporting the foliage and squeeze the pot.
  3. I am using 3 plants for this size container, the Erysimum is the taller, so I am placing that towards the back, then the 2 Aubreita in front, they will flow over the container.
  4. We are placing them on the top of the compost, then once all 3 are in, we just fill in the gaps, don’t be tempted to compact the plants, just ensure the gaps are filled.
  5. Then give them a really good watering. Ensure the soil is wet, then go back to it and water again. These are hardy so ideally; they should go straight outside. Believe me when I say these plants will thank you for it, so please don’t be tempted to put them in a warm greenhouse.

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