EP5 - How to cut roots easily! #5MINUTEFRIDAY

EP5 - How to cut roots easily! #5MINUTEFRIDAY

As you know I love propagation and this weeks five minutes is all about root cuttings. I am going to show you how to produce a new plant from the roots of another.

What you need

  • A plant to take the cutting. There are plenty of types of plants that can be propagated from root cuttings. I use a Mint, but Horseradish and comfrey are good too plus many more.
  • A pot to put the cutting into
  • Some compost (multipurpose is fine)

Step One

Take your plant out of its pot and look for some nice thick roots. Tease that root out from the compost until you get a nice length of root. About 20cm will be enough. Cut the root off with a pair of scissors

Step two

Now you have your root, look at it and you will see finer roots coming out of it along its length. What I want you to do is cut your root into 2 or 3 sections making sure there is some root growth on each section.

Step three

Take your pot and add some compost to a level where it is around 2 fingers depth from the top.

Step four

Now place your roots on the top of the compost and fill the pot up to the top with some more compost.

Step five

Tap the base of your pot down and if the compost sinks a bit top it up. Now water the pot well and you are done.

Congratulations. You have just taken your first root cutting

Alan Lodge
Partner, Newlands Nursery