EP3 - Lets take some cuttings #5MINUTEFRIDAY

EP3 - Lets take some cuttings #5MINUTEFRIDAY

Good Morning Everyone and welcome to our Third 5 Minute Friday

Thank you to everyone who got in contact and really got into the spirit of last week's video about collecting seeds. I always like to hear from you and it was great to make contact. :p

This week I want you to take some cuttings.
This is another great one to make use of something you already have. I use a mint plant in the video below but it does not have to be. I have plenty of mints to hand and I know they are nice and simple to take cuttings from. But there are loads of plants you can take cuttings from so just give it a go.

Okay let’s start

What you need:

  • A pot, or something that can hold soil and not fall apart with the watering. If it is a makeshift pot make sure there are some holes for drainage
  • Some soil or compost, multipurpose will do the trick
  • A plant to take the cutting from
  • Something to take the cutting such as a sharp pair of scissors.

Step 1
First, fill the pot you are using with the compost/soil. I fill it almost all the way to the top but leave a bit of a gap from the top as this will help you water after you have finish. Once the soil is added tap the base of the pot down slightly which will just make sure the soil has settled. This will often make the soil sink if this happens just top the soil up.

Step 2
Now we need to take the cutting. I am looking for a nice “soft” cutting. What I mean by that is a stem and part of the plant that has some good new and young growth. When you take this type of cutting it can really help if the growth is new, the cutting is likely to be more successful. Once I have found that its time to take the cutting. In one hand hold the tip of the stem that you are using and with the other hand you are looking to cut the stem below the top few leaves. This will leave you with a cutting that has one or two sets of leaves and some stem which we are going to put in the compost.

Step 3
Now make a small hole in the compost and put the stem into the compost. In the video, I use the tip of the scissors but you can use a pencil, stick or even your finger.  Gently tuck the compost around the stem so it allows the plant to stand up but don’t be too rough. If it was me I would repeat the process several times, this can be done in the same pot if it is big enough or in a separate pot.

Step 4
All that is left to do is water the cutting and place it in a nice warm spot with a good lot of light. Ideal not full sun, especially in the very bright midday sun.
The length of time this plant starts to root will vary so much on what you have picked to take the cutting. The mint I took in the video will start to show roots in around about 2 weeks but there are also plants on the nursery which take a few months. When the plant starts to show signs of new growth it should be starting to root. At this point, you still have to be a bit careful with it but you are well on your way to a brand new plant... YAY!

Alan Lodge
Partner, Newlands Nursery