EP223  - How to pot up Rudbeckia plants

EP223 - How to pot up Rudbeckia plants

 On Todays 5minute Friday, we are going to put up Rudbeckia plants.

We are going to pot up a mixed container, of these fabulous Rudbeckia.

These plants work really well in containers, and as you can see they are flowering already. They haven’t got to spend their life in a container, but what you can do is, grow them on this year and then next year, split them and put them in the ground.

I have gone for these lovely colours, but look at yours together, and you will soon get an eye for the colour palette that you particularly like. We tend to plant in 3s, it gives the container a more natural look.

Rudbeckia Enchanted Series - You can't help but be enchanted by this series, their long lasting blooms, are an excellent and eye catching addition to beds, border and containers. They are even more versatile, as they make for the most beautiful cut flowers for your vase or arrangement. This robust coneflower (Black-eyed Susan) dates back to Columbus trip to America in 1753.

Browse the Rudbeckia Enchanted Series here.

  1. Fill your pot, with a multi-purpose compost, not to the top as you can see. Leave at least 9cm, which is the size of the pot.
  2. Squeeze the pot to release the plants, and place them on the compost, not pushing them down. Then we back fill them. I know I have said it before, do not compact, we want the roots to grow into the compost and compacting it just does the opposite. Ensure all the roots are in the compost.
  3. Give it a good water, and it will look great on the patio.

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