EP208 - Is my plant ready to plant out?

EP208 - Is my plant ready to plant out?


On Todays 5minute Friday, we are going to show you, if your plants are ready to plant out.

Many of you will be getting plug plants delivered, so this is your established plug plant. First thing we notice is it has paper around it, you do not need to remove this, it is fully biodegradable. We recommend with literally nearly all plug plants, to pot them up first. This one was planted in a 9cm pot, which is ideal for starter plants.

The question we get asked all the time is ‘when can this go in the garden or in a big patio pot’ ?  Have a look at the base of the pot, and you might see roots trying to come through. To double check, turn the plant upside down, squeeze the pot and have a look at the root system. This has a really healthy root, and is not root bound, so it is not essential, that we pot it up now. However, it is ready now to go into the garden or patio pot. It is well established enough now to cope with these scenarios, but as I said it is not essential.

The benefit of leaving it, is and this one is a mint, so it can take quite harsh weather, but if it is a plant, that doesn't cope with the cold, then it isn’t taking up too much space on a windowsill. Even though we are in March, there may still be frost, it will definitely be blowy, so if it is a tender plant, leave it a little longer but, check the root system, then you will know if it’s ready to go outside.

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