EP207 - How to take cuttings from Pineapple Sage plants

EP207 - How to take cuttings from Pineapple Sage plants

 On Todays 5minute Friday, we are going to show you how to take cuttings from Sage Pineapple.

This one of my favourite herbs, it is a Sage plant, a Salvia, and this has lovely pineapple scented leaves. They are fantastic and reminiscent of pineapple chunk sweets, you used to get as children. A sensory treat.

Lots of you will be getting deliveries now of herb plug plants, so this is what you can do to help them bush out. We can take the top off it, for a cutting, so effectively we get a new free plant.

Pineapple Sage is a beautiful plant, that comes from a group of Sages often referred to as fruit Sages. An upright perennial Sage with a branched base. The foliage is green with a slight tinge of red at the edges and a pleasant, fruity, pineapple like fragrance. This is a great Sage, as during spring its small, elongated flowers are a striking scarlet, which contrasts nicely with the green of the leaves. The leaves themselves, are very fragrant and make a brilliant addition to summer drinks including Pimms.

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  1. Fill the pot with a nice well-draining compost and tap it down to get rid of any air gaps.
  2. First, we will take the cutting as you can see in video, using sharp snippers to get a good clean cut.
  3. Make a hole, then just pop the cutting in, and gently tuck it in.
  4. Now give it a good water, and you are done, pop it on a windowsill.

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