EP209 How to cut back a herb container

EP209 How to cut back a herb container


On Todays 5minute Friday, we are going to show you how to cut back your herb container.

You may have some from last year, which is exactly what this is. These are plants that die back (deciduous) plants. This Sage doesn’t look very happy, you can cut these back in the Autumn, but we left this one to show you, as you may have these in the garden. You can see some Mint coming through and a little Lemon Balm, so we want to clean this up, so it looks presentable and becomes a nice bushy plant, which it will do with very little effort.  

A lot of people just throw these plants away, when in fact they can perform even better, after they have been through a winter. They are far more established than they were previously.

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  1. Cut with secateurs, just above where you see the new growth.
  2. Always remember you can’t stick these back on, so take the cut higher, step back and then decide if you want to cut it back more.
  3. Work your way through, clearing all the dead foliage, as you do this, you will start to see more new growth poking it’s head through. Even if the plants are in the ground, this is well worth doing. 

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