EP200 - How to grow Scented Geranium Cuttings

EP200 - How to grow Scented Geranium Cuttings


On Todays 5minute Friday, I will be taking cuttings from these Scented Geraniums, or if you prefer Pelargoniums.

These have been taken through the winter in our greenhouse, these haven’t been overly warm, just standard room temperature. Now is a good time, to take some cuttings, as long as your have a greenhouse, heated conservatory or light windowsill.

These plants are Scented Geraniums Fragrans and as you can imagine, they smell glorious, this one a barky, scent of pine, perfect for windowsills.  So, we cut these at the stem with a nice sharp pair of scissors. As you can see the stem, we then remove the bottom leaves, leaving me a nice stem to plant into the compost. Make a small hole and gently pop the cutting in, just tucking it in gently. I am using a standard multi compost, that we use a lot for our seeds and cuttings.

I am not going to cover these, as we don’t want too much humidity around them, we still want the compost to be damp, but not around the leaves. We work around the mother plant, but we don’t want to cut too much this time of year. So with these two plants I have 3 or 4 cuttings. I will give them a good water and leave them in our propagation greenhouse.

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