EP201 - How to pot up Aquilegia plants

EP201 - How to pot up Aquilegia plants

On Todays 5minute Friday, we are going to pot up some Aquilegia into this container.

I have filled this container with a nice well-draining compost, just shy of the top. This is particularly useful for very hot days, when watering, this gap will almost work like a reservoir ,draining down into the soil through the day.

Here are my Aquilegia, which you may think looks small, they are just starting to break through the ground and starting to sprout at this time of year. I squeeze the pot to release the plant, now you can see the healthy root system, this was potted up last year, so it has gone through the winter, which is very good for the plant.

Also known as Columbine, or Granny’s bonnet, this new range of Aquilegia bring you the same fantastic flowers, but earlier in the year. You will start to see the first blooms in May, which will continue until early August. The whole of the range is happy in full sun, to partial shade and will add colour to your late spring garden year after year.


Browse our stunning range of Aquilegia Earlybird series here.

They are ready for despatch now. 

  1. Fill container with compost, just shy of the top.
  2. Squeeze the Aquilegia to release it from the pot.
  3. Make a hole a little larger than the plant, then pop it in so it is sitting level with the top soil. I am potting them in 3s in a triangle just to give them a more natural look.
  4. Water well as in the video, this technique helps give the plants an even water. If you see any puddles, just wait for them to soak right in, then continue.

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