EP178 - How to take scented geranium cuttings

EP178 - How to take scented geranium cuttings

On Todays 5minute Friday, I am in our propagation house, to show you how to propagate these fantastic, Scented Geraniums.

These are, scented leaf geraniums.(pelargoniums). The one I have here today, is called, Attar of Roses, which as you may guess, has a wonderful scent of rose.

If you are just receiving these from us, they are at the optimum size and time, to propagate.

Scented Geraniums are well known and actively grown for, their fragrant, scented leaves. These sumptuous delights can resemble, roses, chocolate, orange, apple, all the way to eucalyptus and peppermint. They are widely grown for their oil, used in perfumery. Ideal to grow in pots, great in the conservatory, or wonderful on a bright windowsill.

Perfect for long lasting container flowers, they are also edible and really look amazing, when used to decorate food or sweet treats. If you feeling particularly indulgent, steep them in your bathwater, for a truly fragrant spa experience.

Browse these stunning Scented Geraniums, with names like, Attar of Roses, Chocolate Peppermint, Lara Starshine and Sweet Mimosa.



How to Propagate your Scented Geraniums.

  1. This plant is at the optimum size, which, if you have just received them, you can do this straight away.
  2. Fill your empty pot with some, well drained, multipurpose compost. Tap it down to remove any air gaps.
  3. Take the cutting from the top, below the node, as on video demonstration, using snippers, or what tool you prefer, just make a nice clean cut.
  4. Make a hole in the new pot, I have made it slightly too big, as we don’t want to bruise the cutting. Pop the cutting in and just tuck it in gently.
  5. We need to water this well, so I am just putting the hose across the top, making sure the water can sink into the compost. Watering is becoming even more important, with peat free compost, as it can be a little trickier.
  6. I am going to leave this, in our propagation greenhouse, but a windowsill, or conservatory works just as well.  Enjoy your Scented Geraniums. 

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