EP179 - How to plant a Cool Wave Pansy hanging basket

EP179 - How to plant a Cool Wave Pansy hanging basket

On Todays 5minute Friday, today I am planting a hanging basket, yes, you may think this is not the time of year, but we have some really special plants for you to fill those baskets with.

These are fabulous, trailing pansies, they are the Cool Wave Series.  The ones I have here today are, quite large and pretty fast growing, and they will tumble and trail like a vibrant waterfall, over the side of the basket.

About Pansy Cool Wave

These pansies are hardy, and will grow in all weather conditions, which make them perfect, for our British weather.

The Cool Wave series, will give you gorgeous shades of yellow, berry, lilacs, purples, adding a pop of colour, on the dullest of days. Perfect for baskets and containers.

Low maintenance, hardy and fast growing, these beautiful blooms will transform your winter garden.

Browse our Pansy Cool Wave established 9cm plants, many different varieties.


How to take Plant up your Hanging Basket/Container.

  1. Take your basket, and add some multipurpose compost, with a little bark is good, as it will help with drainage. Fill, so the Pansy will sit level with pot, as shown.
  2. I like to plant my 3 pansies in a triangle, as we find planting in odd numbers, always makes the finished basket, look so much better.
  3. Turn the pot with your pansy upside down, whilst supporting the plant and compost, and gently squeeze the pot, releasing the plant.
  4. Place the 3 plants on top of the compost, then just fill in the gaps, not pushing the pansy at all.
  5. Top up container/basket level, and just tap it down gently.
  6. We need to water them well, and they are ready to go out, bearing in mind these are a very hardy pansy.

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