EP172 - How to plant a herbal container

EP172 - How to plant a herbal container


Hi everyone, Alan from Newlands Nursery.

Herbal Tea Container

Today we are going to plant up a container for wonderful herbal teas. These not only look lovely, but have a fabulous scent too.  I have, Moroccan Mint, Pineapple Sage & Lemon Balm. These are well known in the making of herbal teas, and are especially easy to grow.   

I am going to plant them all in this container, or you can happily plant straight into your herb garden. If you have bought the established plants, they are ready to pick for a tea now, and will grow quite fast. We have picked these predominantly for teas, but feel free to experiment with your cooking too.



Planting your container.

1. Fill the container with multipurpose compost, just shy of the top, tap it down gently.

2. I am going to plant these 3 herbs together, and I would like them around 9cm from the top. I happen to know this, because they are planted in 9cm pots.

3. Squeeze the pots gently to release the plant. Just place them on the surface of the compost, a triangle shape always works well.

4. Fill up all the gaps/holes with compost, as I have shown in video, I haven't compacted the soil, just gently smoothed it down.

5. Water well, as in the summer the compost can get a little dry, as I am sure you all know. 

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