EP171 - How to plant Sage plants

EP171 - How to plant Sage plants

Hi everyone, Alan from Newlands Nursery. Welcome to today's 5 minute Friday.

I am going to demonstrate how to plant up a Sage container. I have these 3 plants, which are Purple Sage, Snowflake Sage and Berggaten Varigata. They are perfect for containers, have wonderful foliage and taste and scent too.


Step by step Guide.

1. Fill your container with compost, around about 9cm from the top. 

2. Arrange your plants in any shape you want and make a hole, bigger than the root ball and drop in. Tuck them in gently. 3 is a great amount for this size container.

3. Fill the gaps with some fresh compost

4. Give the plants a really good watering

4. Enjoy.



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