EP167 - How to take cuttings - Golden Lemon Verbena

EP167 - How to take cuttings - Golden Lemon Verbena


Hi everyone, Alan from Newlands Nursery.

Today I am showing you how to take cuttings of Golden Lemon Verbena, also known as 'Golden Wind'. You can see the difference next to the regular lemon verbena on the video. If you have this plant, and enjoy the lovely lemon sherbet for your cooking, tea, jams, infused oils etc, then this is the perfect time to take cuttings.

We are going to use this cell tray, which already has some thyme cuttings in it.

This method also improves the mother plant. 


Step by step Guide.

1. Put some compost in a cell tray, tap it down.

2. Watch closely how I take the cutting, using the new growth.

3. Grab your dibber and make a small hole, pop cutting in, and gently just tuck it in. 

4. Water well, cover, and keep on windowsill, conservatory and you will be surprised how quickly these cuttings will grow. This is the perfect time to take cuttings, as the plant is actively growing. As it's the 1st June we should really be able to put outside, but as the weather is still a little unpredictable, keep it inside, as above.


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