EP166 - How and when to prune Rosemary plants

EP166 - How and when to prune Rosemary plants


Hi everyone, Alan from Newlands Nursery.

The best time to take cuttings from Rosemary, is just after it flowers, this is usually around twice a year. Watch the video for a demonstration. 

Rosemary is such a wonderful herb, it is one of those plants that can be used all year round, as well as being a very attractive plant. If you want more Rosemary plants this is the ideal, free way to grow them. 

Rosemary Tip : Pop a few of the pruned sprigs into your favourite roast, chicken, lamb or veg & fish. 


1. Find stems where you have dead wood (not dead though), then where the new growth is, just prune into it slightly. The new growth will feel differently too, more flexible and soft. 

2. Snip all around the plant, leaving you plenty of Rosemary to use in your cooking, or for cuttings to grow new plants.

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