EP163 - How to plant Calibrachoa plants in a container

EP163 - How to plant Calibrachoa plants in a container

 Hi everyone, Alan from Newlands Nursery.

Today I am going to plant up a vibrant container. I have these beautiful double flowering calibrachoa . They are perfect for containers as well as baskets. I have Double Red, White & Blue just ready for the Coronation weekend. These sumptuous deep colours will produce a stunning container.

Have a great bank holiday weekend.  

 Step by step Guide.

1. Fill your container with compost, just shy of the top. 

2. Arrange your plants in any shape you want and make a hole, bigger than the root ball and drop in. Tuck them in gently.

3. The choice here is yours, leave the flowers on and enjoy the colours now, or nip them off, which will increase the foliage and produce more flowers later on.

4. Water well.

5. Pop in conservatory, sheltered spot just until the weather gets milder.


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