EP162 - How to plant a container with these special herbs

EP162 - How to plant a container with these special herbs

Hi everyone, Alan from Newlands Nursery.

Interesting Herbs to plant up.

Today we are going to plant up some traditional herbs, but ones that have an added interest. Firstly we have, Rosemary Speedy, and yes, as it's name suggests, it is a fast grower, which is great to use for cooking. Then we have a slightly shimmery looking Sage which is Snowflake, this has just been launched this year, it looks lovely and can be used in the same way as common sage.  

Golden Marjoram is next and this will glow golden when, (and if) the sun starts shining.  Thyme Lucy, is a personal favourite, it has fabulous flavour, and isn't a common herb to grow. Lastly we have a really tasty mint, Kentucky Colonel, it grows larger leaves and is a must have for cooking or teas.

I am going to plant them all in this container, but as they grow at different speeds, as I have in the video, you may want to pot up the mint separately, and pinch it out as shown. 

Planting your container.

1. Fill container with multipurpose compost, just shy of the top, tap it down.

2. I am going to plant these 5 herbs together, I am selecting them by height, you of course may plant up however you choose.

3. Make a whole just big enough for the plug, and just tuck them in gently. I didn't press it down, as we don't want to compact the compost. Pinch them out as shown, and use leaves for cooking, teas or cuttings.

5. Water, and keep on windowsill, table, patio, balcony or conservatory, just until the weather breaks eventually.

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