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The Ultimate Rosemary Collection - Newlands Platinum Jubilee 6 Established 9c Pots


A stunning collection of 6 different Rosemary plants. These plants are so versatile, they can be used as a herb as well as making a fantastic shrub or perennial plant. 

What's included in this collection?

Each plant is potted in 9cm pots. All will be individually labelled.

Let's meet the Rosemary

 1 x Rosemary Foxtail 

Foxtail is a low growing perennial herb with bushy branching habit (like a fox's tail!) and the typical rosemary fragrant evergreen needle-like leaves, it shows the underside of the leaves more so it is more silvery and upright and therefore more showy than the Rosemary officinalis. It is native to the Mediterranean region.

1 x Rosemary Officinalis

Officinalis is renowned as as an essential culinary and medicinal herb, grown for its aromatic evergreen leaves and unusual flowers. Originally from the Mediterranean region, it’s now widely grown all over the world. It’s used in sauces, soups and bouquet garnis. It’s commonly used alongside roast lamb and roast potatoes, and works particularly well in tomato-based dishes.

1 x Rosemary Miss Jessops

An aromatic, evergreen perennial with an upright growth habit. It has small, pale blue flowers during the spring and needle like, grey green foliage. As a tall Rosemary it's great for garden hedges. Miss Jessop is exceptionally versatile in the kitchen. 

1 x Rosemary Perigord

Rosemary Perigord is a fast growing herb, upright and hardy. Great for stuffed meats or vegetables, adds a fab highly aromatic flavour to soups and stock, this one is a culinary must have. 

1 x Rosemary Gorizia

Rosemary Gorizia is from Italy, it is fast growing and a really fantastic variety. Gorizia is very bushy with big leaves almost double the size of regular Rosemary. As it grows upright and stems are pretty strong you could use them as BBQ skewers. What a flavour this will add to your foodie favourites.

1 x Rosemary Pink

Rosamrinus 'Pink' is like our more common blue variety but with pretty pink flowers. Evergreen aromatic foliage. Growth habit is neat and upright. Grow in a sunny, sheltered position in well drained soil. A very popular culinary herb because it is so versatile in the kitchen.