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The Ultimate Collection of 12 Thyme Starter Plants


This is a collection of some of our most popular Thyme plants. The collection is made up of 12 different varieties all of which will be labelled in the pack.

About the Thyme 'Family': Thyme is a member of the Lamiaceae family. They are very useful herbs with many culinary uses as well as being used medicinally and looking great as well. The widespread of Thyme throughout Europe is thought to be due to the Romans who used the scent to purify buildings and flavour cheeses and liqueurs. Thyme can be used both fresh or dried with fresh leaves able to be frozen to retain their flavour and dried Thyme retaining its flavour much better than most herbs. Thyme is very commonly used as part of a Bouquet Garni and as a component of Herbes de Provence. The leaves are often used to add flavour to stews, salads, roasts, and fish dishes. The plants themselves usually have long, thin, and very fragrant leaves which are usually a rich green but can vary depending on the variety.


Can I choose which varieties I get?

Unfortunately not, to keep this pack priced so competitively, you can not choose which varieties you get, but we will pick the best of the time. We do sell the varieties separately but they are more expensive. 

 Will each variety be labelled? 

Yes. you will get 12 different varieties in this collection. 

Will I get the plants in the picture?

Maybe, The picture is of some of the Thyme varieties we grow, and more than likely you will get some of these but we will select from the best plants of the moment.

Are all of these plants Hardy?

Yes. all of the plants in this selection are hardy in the UK