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Four Seasons Tarragon Herb Plant

Tagetes lucida '4 Seasons Tarragon'
About Tarragon Four Seasons: This is not actually a true Tarragon. However it’s a great alternative for use in cooking and has some benefits over French Tarragon. Four Seasons is a stronger growing plant than the true French Tarragon. It also has a tendency to produce a much more bushy plant with more leaves making it ideal if you use a lot. It’s quite common for people to have issues growing French Tarragon especially over the Winter, Four Seasons is slightly easier to grow so is a good alternative. As with true Tarragon you use the leaves, while this is not a hardy plant, with some protection or grown inside it will make it through the Winter. Four Seasons doesn’t go into dormancy over the Winter so you’ll not be without your Tarragon hit during the colder months. The plant itself will grow to around 60cm in height and spread to around 30cm. It’s a good choice in a pot where you can grow it on a sunny patio or just outside the kitchen door. When planting, make sure you add some bark, perlite or gravel to add drainage. Tarragon is one of the most popular of all herbs and can be tricky to grow so why not try this easier Four Season Tarragon.

Grows to a height of between 70-80cm and spreads to about 30cm.