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Stunning Surfinias planting Kit


Stunning surfinias 

Surfinias are a type of trailing Petunia, but not just a type, they were the first truly trailing petunia.  Bred by the Dutch company MNP in the nineties, they were introduced first to Europe and their popularity spread across the world.  Today, the Surfinia is one of the best-selling plants worldwide.

This plant can only be produced from cutting and are highly protected with various copyrights and trademarks.  To this day, Surfinia can only be sold and grown by selected nurseries across the world, to maintain the quality of the plant.  This attention to detail has led to one of the most striking and best performing of summer plants.  It’s no wonder Surfinia are so popular.  In this collection we feature some of our favourite varieties of Surfinia which are well suited to both containers and baskets.

Kit includes 5 Mixed Surfinia Plug Plants, 5 Pots & 1 Rattan Hanging Basket.