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Rosemary Herb Plant


Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis, is renowned as as an essential culinary and medicinal herb, grown for its aromatic evergreen leaves and unusual flowers. Originally from the Mediterranean region, it’s now widely grown all over the world. It’s used in sauces, soups and bouquet garnis. It’s commonly used alongside roast lamb and roast potatoes, and works particularly well in tomato-based dishes.

Rosemary is easy to grow and is just as well suited to growing in an ornamental border as it is in the herb garden.


Rosamarinus officinalis

About the Rosemary 'Family': Rosemary is a woody perennial herb from the Lamiaceae family. The foliage is fragrant, evergreen and needle like, usually being a silvery green on top and whiter underneath with a strong flavour. Fresh or dried leaves are used a lot in Mediterranean cuisine and have a slightly bitter, astringent taste with a characteristic aroma complementing many foods such as stuffing, roasted meats & vegetables and are especially good when paired with barbequed foods. Rosemary is sometimes used as an ornamental herb as it can easily be pruned into hedges or used in topiary. Rosemary flowers are most often a deep blue but can also be pink or white depending on the variety and bloom throughout spring and summer with some varieties having very long or unexpected flowering periods.
About Rosemary Officinalis: Officinalis is often seen as a boring option when it comes to Rosemary but in our opinion it's still one of the most useful and best tasting varieties which matches very well with lamb and beef. The plant itself is quite attractive and can even be cut to form a hedge.
Can grow to a height of around 150-250cm and can spread to around the same.


Is this plant "garden ready"

Maybe, we prefer our plug plants (also known as starter plants) to be potted up before going into the garden. The ideal size is a 9 cm pot, but it can be slightly smaller or larger if you would prefer. In the warmer months you may get away with planting straight out, but it is probably not worth the risk.

What compost should I use?

A good quality multipurpose compost is idea for this. You can use your own compost but make sure you know that it is not too high (or low) in nutrients.

Will I get the plants in the picture?

Yes, In the main picture. As this plant is a starter plant it will not be flowering but will grow to be the same as the picture. The plug plant picture is used to give you an idea of size and may not be the same variety.

Are all of these plants Hardy?

Yes. This plant is in the UK, when it is very young it may need some protection from a very cold winter.

What is a plug plant?

A plug plant is a small starter plant that is perfect to pot up in to a larger plant. We grow and sell so many of these because the allow us to do it for such a good price.

Is the plug plant in the picture the one I will get?

No, we use this picture just to give you an idea of the size of the plant.